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Intuitive Life Coaching

$50 with Special Plan; $80 for Single Session

1 Hour


If you need a little extra support, you may schedule intuitive life coaching sessions. I offer a deeply discounted six-session package, as well as a one-session option.

If you are feeling generally lost, or need intuitive guidance with relationships, goals, career, life plan, or life challenges, intuitive life coaching may be the best option for you. These sessions take more of a conversational approach that begin with a clairvoyant reading targeting your strengths, challenges and areas of growth. I will first tune in by intuitively sketching a "life snapshot," which will be provided to you electronically. The session will take a more conversational approach as we discuss the reading and the issues that come to the surface.

Based on your future potentials, I will help you develop goals, solve relationship problems and gain perspective on other life challenges. A lot can be accomplished in one session; however, for more in-depth work, life planning, and progress checks, multiple sessions many be reserved for a reduced-cost pricing plan.

The goal is to help you understand what your strengths are, see and create a plan for the future, enhance subjective well-being, increase resilience in the face of life challenges, gain clarity and support in times of spiritual crisis, and realize more of your own personal potential and spiritual growth. 

I am not a licensed counselor. Intuitive Life Coaching does not take the place of psychotherapy. Those who are suffering from a psychological disorder are encouraged to seek the support of a licensed mental health clinician. 

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