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My Services

  • Intuitive reading exploring current issues, future potentials, with a...

    1 hr

    125 US dollars
  • For those needing help with unsettling paranormal or psychic experienc...

    1 hr

    125 US dollars
  • Combines intuitive reading with positive psychology interventions.

    1 hr

    80 US dollars

Scheduling, and other important information.


Scheduling: When you book your appointment, choose a time slot offered on the calendar. All times are Eastern Time, so consider the time difference from your location. Complete the booking form when prompted. You may select SMS reminders. If you prefer not to use your real name, that is perfectly fine.  Just let me know at the time of our online appointment. 


Pay online with PayPal or a credit card at the time of booking.  If you would like to schedule intuitive life coaching or psychic development mentorship, there is a deeply discounted package available.

Fifteen-Minute Guarantee

If I am not making a connection, or for any reason, you are not comfortable or satisfied with how the reading is going, after 15 minutes we can stop the reading and I will refund your money.  Keep in mind, if you use a credit card, the system takes out a small fee. 


While I do all I can to keep our appointments, sometimes life happens and I have to reschedule. Because of this, I don't get bent out of shape if you have to reschedule, even at the last minute, provided you have already made your payment.  If you cancel, notify me within 24 hours for a full-refund.

Who calls who at the time of the reading? 

My website is linked to my Zoom account. Before our reading, you will receive a Zoom link. The meeting can be recorded if you'd like. This will be an audio call only since I only want to see you with my clairvoyant eyes, not physical ones (at least during the reading!) since it's best not to have any visual distractions or cues.  If you don't have an interest in the session being recorded, once you book you can let me know that and I am happy to call you on any number of your choice.


When you enter your selection for the time and date into the online scheduler you will be able to make your payment. Please schedule your appointment via the instant scheduler and it will allow you to make payment at the time of booking via Paypal or credit card. 

Book Now!

 I am happy to record your session on Zoom and email it to you. Not everyone is interested in a recording, so please let me know when you schedule the reading if you would like this. You are also welcome to just record on your end and in that case, I can just call you on the phone. There is no extra charge for recording the reading. The recording is just for your use only. Please understand the recording is a courtesy and due to rare but possible technical difficulties cannot be guaranteed. Payment is for the time and attention spent during your reading and not the recording.

General Protocols:

Nothing will be required of you during the reading except for you to sit still and listen. You will be given an opportunity to ask questions at the beginning of the reading and at any time throughout. At the start of your call, I'll ask you if you'd like to ask some specific or general questions or first just see what comes up. Then halfway through I usually ask again if you have questions. You don't have to give feedback and I will ask very little of it from you. (Occasionally I might just ask if what I’m saying is making sense). What I do ask from you is that you don't have noise in the background like a TV, that you don't walk around or drive or do the dishes (unless the reading has gone way over and you are late picking up your kids, just let me know that you are going to have to start moving around while I talk, if that's your only option besides ending the call).

While you can be interactive and speak up during the reading, you will likely get more information out of the reading if you mostly listen. I ask that you don't have anyone else in the room during the reading. The reason for this is that it's so easy to pick up on their energy and this could cause interference. Also, most first-time clients don't realize the level of personal information that can come up.


Please only book a session if you are sure you would like one. If you change your mind prior to the reading you may have a refund with 24-hour advance notice, but please understand this creates a difficulty with our payment processor and there may be some processing fees deducted. You may however change or reschedule your appointment, even at the very last minute, with no penalty or excuse needed.


It is important to understand that if you proceed with the session there will be no refunds. You are paying for my time and effort. This is our policy because I tell you how it is, not necessarily what you want to hear. It will become readily apparent that I am doing everything I can to get as much accurate, helpful, and detailed information as possible, but I cannot guarantee what information will come through, no psychic can, that's what makes it challenging to do this work. I can guarantee that I will do my very best job possible.


Keep in mind that a certain amount of information will not be confirmed until a future date and that whatever you may think your future will look like there will undoubtedly be some changes. There is also going to be information that you aren't aware of right now, so not everything is going to make sense in the moment. 

International Clients

As noted above, we ask that you log in to Zoom at the time of the reading. If you prefer to call on the phone, you will need to call me.  If you don't understand English well, you are more than welcome to provide your own interpreter. 

Length of session: 

Generally one hour, except for sessions that are specifically for mediumship, which are 30 minutes.  Depending on the nature of the reading and what we are working on, sessions sometimes run a little longer.  If you are not able to spend more time on the reading, let me know and we will end the call when you need to.

Gift Certificates are available: 

We will send it to whomever you like via email. However, please consider when giving a reading as a gift whether or not the person will really be open to getting a reading. Don't use the reading as a means to convince them this stuff is real. If you know the person enjoys getting readings and understands there is more to life than just what the eye can see, and feels like they will use the reading as a pathway to a greater understanding of themselves and as a tool to take steps in their life, then this will be the perfect gift.

What do you need to do during a reading?

Not much! Plan to just be in a comfortable position. While you can move around it's best to not have background noise or other people in the room with you if possible. If you have to get up or take

a break during the reading that's never a problem. Just do your best to have minimal noise on the line as that

will sometimes distract me. We can work out any sound problems together once we are on the call. 

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