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General Reading


1 Hour


General Readings

My general readings are offered with a questions and answers component. Some life areas I may look at include relationships, goals, finances, career spirituality, personal strengths, life challenges, career, life path, and the general environment. If relevant, I may look at past lives or ask questions of the Akashic records. I do not give health readings.

Before the call, I will work up an intuitively drawn sketch to capture the client's current life circumstances and areas of focus for the reading. It's like a personal and unique "life snapshot" that I may send electronically to the client when it is completed.


As defined by my teacher, Debra Lynne Katz, a general intuitive reading is a spiritual, meaningful, intensive session where I will use my intuitive abilities to access information about what is most important for you to hear, be aware of and acknowledge at this time in your life, so you can achieve your goals. These goals may simply be to feel happier, more alive, more creative, and more loved, or they may be specifically related to business, finances, relationships, creative projects, etc. 

During a general intuitive reading, I utilize many of the techniques presented in Debra's books, "You Are Psychic" and "Extraordinary Psychic".  These techniques enable me to see and communicate information through visions, images, and pictures, as well as to communicate telepathically with your higher self, the spirit world, and where ever else information resides. I do this simply by going into a relaxed meditative state, asking you to say your name, and then waiting for the "movie of your life" to begin. I try to turn down my logical mind and remain in an intuitive, non-analytic, non-judgemental, non-thinking, non-advice-giving state at all times.

While you can ask me questions up front, you don't have to. Even if you do, for the remainder of the reading, I'll ask you to mostly just listen as conversation back and forth can be distracting. There are several visualizations I may start off with to get the information flowing. The key is to allow the intuitive information to flow through the visuals I am consciously placing on my mental screen.


An intuitive reading can be an intensive energy healing as well, because the moment someone looks at you with an intuitive eye, everything that is not really you begins to fall away, move and transform. When we set the intention for this, the effect is even stronger. What might not be you? Thought forms, behavior patterns that aren't in sync with who you are now or what you want any more, outdated relationships, other people's programming, many different types of external energies, etc. 

​A general intuitive reading and healing can help to raise your emotional/energetic frequency. Work, relationships, and one's minute-to-minute existence can be transformed when one raises their emotional/energetic frequency. That is one of the goals I have during a reading for you, no matter if you are fairly down in the dumps or already flourishing. Whether you are just needing a bit of a boost or help to navigate your relationships with others, a reading will help.


During a session, I'll be able to tune into the wisdom of your heart and your subconscious mind. The goal is to make conscious what has been unconscious so that you can make new choices out of new awareness. There are many ways to achieve this, but a reading can be a shortcut to this process if that is in your best interest. We all have defense mechanisms protecting us from the truth, sometimes for good reason, but many times those reasons get distorted or are no longer needed. Sometimes it can take a little time to get past these, that's why my readings sometimes go a little long. 



I do communicate throughout the readings with your guides, my guides, telepathically.  I may not bring up the subject of spirits unless a particular guide or deceased relative is trying to come through to offer information. The spirits communicate with me in very short bursts of information.



It is important to understand I don't always get an answer for every question. No intuitive does. Any that tell you they can answer any question and that their answer or information will always be 100 percent correct are not being honest.  This is true of the very best intuitives and actually also true of every single person in any other profession including psychotherapists, doctors, nurses, attorneys, accountants, stock brokers, etc. All intuitive work can be subject to misinterpretations - whether by the intuitive or the person receiving the information. What I do guarantee during your sessions is that I will give you my absolute 100 percent attention, and make use of everything I've learned about doing intuitive readings and from the field of psychology.

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